Satiators Available To Order

Professor Abrasive has just opened public orders on Satiator optical drive emulators.  The price is $260 and there are a few in stock now, with a much larger stock coming soon that should make them readily available.

128GB SD Card:

The Satiator is an awesome device, but it might not be for everyone.  The total price including shipping with a 128GB SD card is around $300, while a MODE with an SSD big enough to fit the entire library would cost the same.  Also, a Fenrir with a 64 or 128GB MicroSD is about half the price and a model compatible with 21-pin Saturn’s is coming soon.

In my opinion, the Satiator is for the gamer who either wants to retain the ability to play discs, or who wants a solution to use on multiple Saturn’s.  Or both!  Check out the review videos below for more info:



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