Mega Man Legends 2 Portuguese Fan Translation

Rafa4k together with Legends Tradução and Apresentam have released the fan-made Portuguese translation for Mega Man Legends 2

Portuguese text and dub:
Portuguese text, English dub:

You have an option to choose between the full translation of all the text menus, dialogs, prompts and full Portuguese dub or text only translation into Portuguese, which leaves the dub in English.

Both text+dub and text only translations come as xdelta patches. If you are not familiar with how to use these, the patches come with Windows app and Android app, and their respective instructions as to how to apply these patches. These patches don’t come with a copy of Mega Man Legends 2! You will need to make your own personal backups from official release, that you personally own. After applying one of these patches, you will have a new Mega Man Legends 2 binary in Portuguese, depending on patch you’ve chosen.