Kytor 5X-Y-Z SCART Adapter

Kytor Industries is selling an adapter that changes the orientation of the SCART port on the RetroTINK 5x.  The price is $20 and you can either 3D print your own case, or purchase it via the drop-down menu for an additional $12.  I tested it and it seemed like a sturdy add-on that didn’t add any interference.  More info below the link:

Purchase Here:

This device aimed to solve one of the only complaints of the RT5x:  The SCART port orientation.  This personally never bothered me, but I understand why people might want the SCART cable oriented towards the rear, as opposed to the front:

The device connects directly to the SCART port and it’s 3D-printed case includes “feet” that set it at the exact same height as the RT5x;  No strain is added to the port and one might argue that if you constantly connect and disconnect cables, it would be better to wear out this adapter’s port, rather than the RT5x’s:

As for performance, I ran my standard SMW test:  I connected a SNES RGB SCART cable that sync’s on composite video and took a screenshot.  Then I connected the same cable through the Kytor adapter and took another screenshot.  As you can see, there’s absolutely no interference and the pictures are basically the same:

As a note, since this is a passthrough adapter with no active circuitry, there are no signal restrictions and you can still access composite video over SCART, if you prefer.

Overall, if you were looking for a way to route your existing SCART cables towards the back (or are paranoid about the unlikely possibility of wearing out your RT5x’s SCART port), this seems like an excellent solution!

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