Mega Everdrive Pro Firmware v4.09

Krikzz has recently released a new firmware for the Mega Everdrive Pro that contains a few bugfixes, but makes it harder to roll back to previous versions if needed.  That’s not usually something most users need, but there’s more info below on what it entails:

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MEDPro Firmware Updates:

Updating to this firmware is just as easy as all previous updates:  Simply overwrite the contents of the “MEGA” folder with the ones in the 4.09 zip file, then it’ll automatically update the first time you power it on.  It appears that firmware v4.09 updates some of the core functionality of the cart, which requires a tool to “downgrade” it.  Normally, you can simply delete the main MEGA folder and add a previous firmware revision to downgrade, but since further flashing is needed, if you find a bug that causes issues with your current workflow, you’ll need to use Krikzz’ repair tool to manually downgrade:

It’s rare that I’ve found myself downgrading though, as Krikzz usually fixes any new bugs found very quickly.  Either way, it’s awesome there’s an option, should something go wrong.

Here’s the full list of changes and a detailed review of the MEDPro is below:

  • Fixed hang at “bram check” screen in Burai
  • Fixed crash after bios loading in Thunder Storm FX
  • Improved sd card handling in CD mode
  • Rom region selection option
  • Included Realtec mapper
  • Fixed HardBall ’95
  • Fixed game loading over USB
  • Fixed region detection for some games
  • Included SF-004 mapper
  • Included SF-002 mapper
  • Included SF-001 mapper
  • Fixed Sonic Megamix

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