MD-NICCC – New Mega Drive/Genesis Demoscene release!

Released on Easter day 2019 at the Revision Party in Saarbrücken, Germany, MD-NICCC is a remix of an older Atari ST computer demo released by Oxygene about 19 years ago.

Demo group TiTAN ported the Atari original over to the Mega Drive and remixed it some with new music and far faster frame-rates than the original production. If the name TiTAN sounds familiar, it’s because they released the excellent Overdrive and Overdrive 2 demos for the Mega Drive. I own an Atari ST and have watched the original NICCC 2000 several times and this new TiTAN version for the Mega Drive smokes the original one!


Something to keep in mind is that this is a 50Hz PAL release. If you play it back on a NTSC machine at 60 Hz you might get stuttering and audio visual glitches. If you own the Analogue Mega Sg, you can go into the options and set the video output to 50 Hz for the best performance of this demo….providing your display supports 50Hz.


You can download MD-NICCC from