Koryuu Transcoder Firmware v1.1

A new firmware (v1.1) was just released for the Koryuu Transcoder:  A device that converts Composite and S-Video to YPbPr Component video.  Unfortunately, a programmer is required to perform the update, but it’s cheap and a standard JTAG cable should work.  More details on the firmware and a review of the Koryuu are available below the links:

Purchase a Koryuu:
Firmware file & Instructions:
More Info:

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Settings can now be saved and are automatically restored on power-up (To save current settings, press the INPUT_CHANGE and OPT buttons simultaneously)
  • Instances of the OSSC getting confused by Koryuu’s output should no longer happen, as long as the OSSC firmware version is up-to-date
  • Fixed field reversal in NTSC interlaced mode
  • Optional “no test pattern” version for people with automatic component video switches

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