Insurrection Industries SNES RGB SCART Cable Review

I just reviewed the new RGB cable from Insurrection Industries:

Overall, it appears to be a well-built cable that outputs the proper voltages your SCART equipment is expecting, making it perfectly safe to use.  The video review below goes into the technical details, showing oscilloscope captures and a comparison to a fully-shielded cable.

A note on the shielding:  This cable has a layer of shielding on the outside, but not all signal lines are individually shielded on the inside.  Since the most important lines (i.e. sync & audio) are shielded, the lack of the remaining individual shielding is not likely to make a difference in a real-world gameplay experience.  Despite this, I still didn’t feel comfortable referring to it as a “fully-shielded” cable.

Audio comparison:
Here’s an audio comparison of a few different well-built RGB SCART cables.  I suggest watching the capture from the Super NT first, both as a digital-to-analog reference, as well as to see what’s happening on-screen during the audio recordings (the white screen usually has the most interference).  PLEASE NOTE:  I’ve been having trouble with my analog audio recording equipment and there seems to be a high level of noise on all sources.  I’ll update these as soon as I get my equipment straitened out, but for now, please use these as an example that they all sound similar and not a representation of what they actually sound like!:

Links to previous cable videos below this main review:


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