GrafxBooster In Stock At CastleMania

The GrafxBooster from db Electronics is now in stock at CastleMania Games for $70 + shipping:

Since its release, the GrafxBooster has been regarded as the premium plug & play choice for both TurboGrafx-16 and PC Engine users, offering composite, S-Video and RGB output via a Genesis 2-style port, with all three video outputs safely usable at the same time.  It technically has dual-composite video output as well, with the RCA connector getting (properly shaped) cvbs from the console’s output pins and the DIN is getting cvbs from the Sony CXA chip, like a Genesis normally would.  Although I can’t imagine why you’d want dual-composite output, but it’s there if you need it ;p

All properly-made Genesis 2 cables are compatible, including the HD Retrovisions and RAD2x.  Here’s links:

Sega Genesis / Mega Drive 2 RGB Scart Cable  (UK Seller)

Sega Genesis / Mega Drive 2 RGB Scart Cable  (US Seller)

HD Retrovision Component Video Cables

Genesis 2 RAD2x:

Also, please remember that pretty much every PCE/TG-16 console will have jailbars, unless you replace two capacitors on the motherboard.  The video mod has no effect on this, it’s needed regardless of how you get your analog video.  Console5 has more info and sells the correct caps:

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