GBS-C AIO Now Officially Open Source

The team behind the GBS-C AIO has kept their promise and released the full set of files for anyone who wants to make their own.  If you wanted SCART in and HDMI-out added to your GBS-C, this is an excellent choice and probably the one you’d want to get!  At the moment, there are no plans to produce more completed units, however the team is considering selling DIY kits in the near future.  We’ll keep everyone updated if they do!

GBS-C AIO Build Files:
Recommended PSU:
Full GBS-C Guide:

I’m a huge fan of the GBS Control project and think it’s an amazing tool for any retro-gaming power user.  While its use with flat panels is cool, I think all of its CRT-related features are what will stand the test of time!  It’s ability to convert between RGB/VGA and Component, motion adaptive deinterlacing, zooming and even downscaling make this a really awesome device for use with RGB and VGA CRT monitors!  Check out the video below for all the info you’ll need on it!

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