Game Boy Interface Updates (Nov 2019)

Extrems has released a few more updates of the Game Boy Interface software.  As usual, there’s an impressive list of additions and bugfixes and anyone using GBi should update their SD cards.  As always, I recommend using GBi along with the latest version of Swiss.  Here’s the changelog since the July GBi update:

All GBi Versions:

    • Added SD2SP2 support.
    • Added Game Boy Player settings validation.
    • Added N64 Controller support.
    • Added GBA anti-sleep mode.
    • Added subfolder search for GBI directory.
    • Fixed hang with no SD card inserted.
    • Fixed hang upon SD card reinsertion.
    • Fixed default SD card with bad program name.

For Standard Edition:

    • Conformed screenshots to DCF standard.

For High-Fidelity Edition:

    • Added left/right chroma location support.
    • Added non-integer horizontal scaling.
    • Added scaled size/offset setting.
    • Changed pixel-doubled 240p and 480i to assume 4:3.
    • Changed 480p and 960i to assume 16:9.
    • Fixed pixel-doubled left/right chroma location.

Detailed information on GBI, as well as a download link to the latest version (top right of the page) can be downloaded here:

Official Thread here:


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