Forever Pak N64 Memory Card

4 Layer Tech recently released a brand new line of N64 memory cards, they’re calling the “Forever Pak”.  Unlike the originals, these don’t rely on a battery to contain your savegames and have the potential to last a long time.  They come in grey, green, purple and blue injection-molded plastic, meant to match the original consoles and controllers.  The price is $30 and more information can be found in the awesome Macho Nacho video above!

Purchase yours here:

While can you certainly mod your current official Nintendo Controller Pak, finding reliable new ones is pretty tricky.  Most cheap 3rd part ones you’ll find on eBay and Amazon are of questionable quality and I’ve heard many people lost their saves using them.  While yes, it’s more expensive than the cheap ones on eBay, the team who makes it put some serious effort into designing both the inside circuitry and outside plastic;  It’s my personal opinion that if you need a new Memory Pak, this is the one to get.

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