Everdrive N8 Pro Famicom Edition Now For Sale

Krikzz has just listed the Everdrive N8 Pro for sale on his website.  The Famicom version is available now, with the NES version coming in a few months:

As previously reported, the “Pro” version of the N8 was created as a result of the original N8 components going end of life.  Rather than just make a replacement, Krikzz has added a long list of updates and features, some of which are:

  • 16MB of ROM memory (up from 512kb)
  • Multi-slot save states
  • Faster ROM & OS loading
  • Audio op amp
  • I/O co-processor
  • Updated Cyclone IV FPGA
  • In-game-reset to menu option
  • A USB port for devs

The original N8 series will still be supported as well, which may allow a cheaper option for people on a budget.  Also, Krikzz’ yearly “Black Friday Sale” is live and the 20% discount on all products even includes the new N8 Pro!  If you’re a fan of ROM carts, definitely check out the main store page and don’t forget to grab some cheap MicroSD cards from the links below:

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