EposVox Interviews The Creator Of NDI

EposVox recently uploaded a video interview with the person who created the NDi (Network Device Interface) protocol.  While this might only be indirectly related to retro gaming, NDI is something that has probably crossed the paths of every streamer at one point and I really enjoyed hearing from the original creator.

For anyone unfamiliar, NDI is an open-source protocol developed by NewTek, that enables compatible products to share video across a local area network.  It’s evolved quite a bit since it’s release and now supports much lower latency and UHD resolutions.  Here’s the full set of tools if you’re interested in trying it:

While this might be wishful thinking, I’d love to see future devices implement NDI directly onto them.  Imagine a device that lets you play retro games, but instead of dealing with capture, you just connect it to your network and tap into the NDi stream?

For more information on how to implement NDI into your setup, check out EposVox’s other videos on the subject:

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