DCHDMI Firmware Update v4.0

Christof has just posted a new firmware for the DCHDMI that unifies the previous two split firmwares.  Now you can download this one firmware file and have access to all modes without re-downloading anything;  When switching between standard to relaxed modes, only the FPGA firmware is re-flashed, no internet connection necessary.

Other notable changes are:

  • PAL 288p is now supported.
  • Horizontal position for VGA can now be set in the OSD.
  • Deinterlacing can now be configured for 480i/576i separately.
  • Keyboard support to control DCHDMI OSD

Getting the new firmware is as easy as connecting to a (2.4GHz) WiFi network and hitting “download”!  A full list of changes are on the main Github page here:

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