CRT Color Calibration Series

Dan Mons has just started a series of videos about CRT color calibration.  While there’s other videos and guides available that teach how to calibrate geometry, I don’t know of any others that explain color calibration at this level.

The first video in the series goes over the theory behind how your eyes perceive color and how CRT displays are able to create images that are accurate.  Dan gives excellent examples of color temperature, gamma and other aspects of color that are historically confusing.

I watched all three videos that are currently available and I suggest anyone without extensive color knowledge do the same.  If you’ve already studied color theory and have used a calibration tool before, you can skip to the third video in the series.

Dan’s planning on adding more videos to this series as time allows, so definitely check the playlist in the future.  Also, I did an interview with Dan a few years ago, where we discussed MAME emulation, arcade gaming and lots of other nerdy awesomeness.  Check out the link below if you’re interested!

UPDATE:  Pt4 added below:

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