Console Power Supply Wiki

Junker HQ is now hosting “The Console Power Supply Bible” – A list of consoles and their exact power supplies, as well as other compatible options.  This list was started by Fredrik Nyqvist and already contains almost sixty console revisions!  Information like this is crucial for people who want to use consoles from other regions with a local PSU, as well as people who just need a reference for what is the correct (or more importantly: incorrect) power supply to use.

The Console Power Supply Bible:
List of tested replacement PSU’s:

I’ll be referencing the wiki a lot for that information, but I also think it’s important to share a link to where to get replacement PSU’s as well.  Don’t get me wrong, Fredrik’s work is crucial to preserving retro gaming hardware!  I just think people need a 1-click solution to finding a tested, quality replacement PSU for their console!  I’ll soon have a section of the website dedicated to it, but for now the above post will be good enough for most people.

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