Classic Consoles on VGA Monitors

Your average CRT VGA monitor is a higher quality device than your average consumer-grade CRT, but most aren’t compatible with classic game consoles.  These quality monitors can still be found for really cheap, so this video will show you how to use a few devices to allow compatibility…and make them look exactly like a high quality RGB monitor!

RetroTINK Products:
Retro Scaler A1:
GBS Control:
Time Sleuth:
Zero-lag HDMI to VGA Converter used in this video:
Alternate HDMI to VGA:
Alternate HDMI to VGA2:

One of the main focuses of this video was how artificial horizontal scanlines affect the image.  It was interesting to see how adding them to 480p signals on a CRT were incredibly accurate to a 240p look, regardless of tube type.  Alternatively, it showed how adding horizontal scanlines to a signal displayed on a flat panel, isn’t an accurate representation of the look on either type of CRT.  I’d definitely like to explore this further in future videos (click for full-sized):

00:00  Intro (CRT closeups, don’t skip ;p)
01:19  Setup
01:43  Original 240p
01:59  OSSC
03:37  RetroTINK
04:01  GBS Control
04:37  VGA Monitor
06:32  Composite Video
06:53  N64
07:17  480i deinterlacing
07:45  Retro Scaler A1
09:11  SMS 3D
09:29  Light Guns
10:20  Fast Resolution Switching
10:42  Other Uses / Conclusion

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