Capcom CPS-2 Metal Case

TR Fight Stick is working on a Capcom CPS-2 Arcade case. You may remember that he also sells a CPS-3 metal case, and is also currently at work on metal and wood Dreamcast shells. The CPS-2 case shares features of both:

I want to share with you one of my CPS2 design. It is still working progress. This is not the final product. Just a pre-alpha prototype.
I know people like the circle and oval designs, but CPS2 doesn’t look good with that. The board is too rectangular, and very high with the multi system.

The Case is only one body part. ( It looks like 2 pieces but it is not).
Measurements: 395 x 277 x 9 MM ( Not final product )
3 Button for Volume and TEST switch.
CPS2 Logo with LED light.
There is a space hole for the Multi Sytem’s LCD panel and switches.
The bottom is little bit bigger than top part. ( as i said it is only one part but design is like pyramid :P )
FAN place on the Back.