BigPEmu v1.05 – Jaguar CD Support!

Rich Whitehouse has just released a new version of his BigPEmu Atari Jaguar emulator, which features Jaguar CD support!  At the moment it’s only available for Patreon subscribers to beta test, but so far it’s looking like the entire retail CD library is compatible!  This is the first time any software emulator has been able to do that…and as a result, I imagine this will be most people’s first time ever trying these games!  More info and a quick demo below the links:

Check out the post here:
UPDATE:  Rich just made this a public release

I downloaded the new version from Rich’s Patreon page and gave it a shot – It looks like all the features are available for CD games as well, including the “movie recording”, which I tested when getting this game footage:


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So, let’s be honest – The JagCD isn’t exactly known for it’s great game library.  But there ARE some cool games on there and now’s your chance to try it yourself!  Please consider supporting Rich on Patreon and if you’d like more info about all the work he does, please check out our interview below:

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