BGHOF Interview With ‘Virtual Lab’ Developer Megumi-tan

Cassidy from the Bad Game Hall Of Fame recently posted an interview with developer Megumi-tan, creator of the “notorious” Virtual Lab for the failed Virtual Boy console.  Reading Megumi-tan’s confirmation that the game was rushed to release wasn’t surprising, but seeing that it was created in under a month with only eight days spent with development hardware was definitely a shock.  That’s some ET/Atari 2600 level of crazy!

Read the interview here and please pay attention to the warnings if you’re sensitive to reading about traumatic experiences:

As usual, I really enjoyed the insight into what programming for these classic consoles was like and if you’re a fan of the Virtual Boy, I suggest giving this a read.  Please just note that Megumi-tan also talks about some personal trauma, so if you’re looking for a lighthearted dev story, (respectfully), maybe stop half way through.

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