AxunWorks Supergun Power Supply

AxunWorks has just released a high quality enclosure that includes a MeanWell PSU and a voltage meter.  You have a choice between a green or black panel color (for the front and rear), but the outer casing is the same color.  Also, individual power adapters are sold separately for $15;  Just make sure to select them from the same link and add each to your cart individually.  Pictures and more info are below:

Purchase the complete PSU and power cables here:

I really liked this power supply, for a few reasons.  First, I believe the PSU used is the Mean Well RT-85, which should be powerful enough for every arcade board.  There’s a bigger PSU available, however that can emit a high pitched noise when connected to low-power arcade boards.  There’s also a smaller version (RT-65) that should be okay for all boards, but I think the 85 is the perfect middle ground.

The case itself is great:  It’s big enough to allow for airflow around the PSU, but not gigantic.  The only side with anything on it is the front, which contains the power switch, AC input, voltage meter and a voltage adjustment knob.  It’s easy to access and while you won’t need to adjust voltage that often, it comes in handy.

The screw terminals allow access for anyone who wants to make their own cables, but the jack right above them allows you to connect Axun’s well-made adapter cables.  He’s currently offering them for his own Supergun (pictured), as well as for HAS-style and Namco System 256 power connectors.  I believe he’ll be listing MiniGun / Shogun compatible cables soon as well.  The only thing that might be a help, is a cover for the screw terminals for people with curious cats;  They’re recessed and the DC voltage isn’t high enough to do much harm, but maybe nervous pet owners could add a 3D printed cover or something?  I certainly wouldn’t worry about it though.

I do want to take a moment to address the price:  DIYers might scoff at $95 + shipping for a power supply + cable, but the price depends totally on your setup.  If you’re direct-wiring a PSU into an arcade machine (like with my MiniMiSTerCade) you definitely don’t need this full kit.  Also, if you already have parts lying around, you can probably wire something up yourself – But if you need to buy each of the individual components, the price ads up quick.  Let’s take a quick look:

The Mean Well RT-85 can be found from between $30 and $60, however shipping varies wildly depending on the store;  That $30 can quickly turn to $45 and it might take weeks to arrive.  Next, there’s a 3D printed enclosure that covers the screw terminals, ads an AC power jack and power switch.  I find these to be pretty much mandatory for people who want the PSU to feel more like an “appliance” and less like an open PSU with exposed terminals.  You can find them pre-built for around $50 with DC power cable after shipping, but if you have a 3D printer and the parts necessary, you can make it much cheaper.  If you don’t have the parts, that opens a whole other door of issues, as you’d then have to track down each individual piece and pay shipping across multiple stores.  PLUS, after all that, you’re still not getting a fully-enclosed PSU and there’s no voltage meter:

Now, by no means am I trying to dissuade you from using the above solution – I have one and love mine – I just wanted to clearly make the point that adding a case, switch and voltmeter ads cost.  It may not be worth it to you, or your setup might benefit from the airflow of the “semi-open” PSU and that’s totally fine.  I just wanted to cut off the “I’m not paying $80 for a $30 PSU” trolls before they even got a chance to start…although they’d never read this deep into a post anyway, so maybe I’m just wasting good people’s time?  Sorry about that.

Here’s links if you’d like to make your own Mean Well PSU:

MeanWell RT-85 (cheaper elsewhere, but free shipping hre):
3D Printed Case:
DC Power Cable:
AC-05 Jack:
Molex Connector:

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