Final Casio Loopy Game Dumped

Nearly thirty years after the console’s initial release, the Casio Loopy finally has a complete and verified romset! If you’ve never heard of the system before, the Casio Loopy was a 32-bit home console geared towards young girls, released in Japan in 1995. It featured a Hitachi SuperH SH7021 CPU, a Casio-developed sound system, and […]

Iron Soldier 3 Re-Release for NUON

Songbird Productions, known for their Atari Jaguar and Lynx releases, are currently gauging interest in a reprint of Iron Soldier 3 for the NUON. The fully licensed game will be identical to the original release. It is expected to cost $59.95 and will include a 28-page manual. Update 2021/01/05:  Pre-orders open! For those who […]

Electronic Lifestyle – Remute’s HuCard Album

  Remute, the artist behind Technoptimistic for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and The Cult of Remute for the SNES/SFC, has done it again with a music release for the Turbografx-16/PC Engine platform! Electronic Lifestyle, which will release in March of 2021, features 15 brand new tracks and comes shipped on an actual HuCard. As with […]