Analogue Mega Sg Jailbreak Firmware Update v7.4

The Analogue Mega Sg just got another firmware update, both for the jailbroken version, as well as the “official” firmware.  Honestly though, there’s zero reason to use the official firmware; Even if you predominately use an Everdrive for Genesis and SMS ROMs, this jailbreak allows for Game Gear and Colecovision ROMs to be played as well!!!

The changes are as follows:

  • includes all fixes from official firmware v4.4:
    • Sega CD – adjusted timing i.e. Mickey Mania
    • Overdrive 2 demo is 100%
    • X-men 2 character select fixed
    • Fixed player 2 XYZ (6 buttons)
    • Allow no controller on player 2
    • SMS fixes for X7 and flash everdrive
    • You now stay in the file browser when selecting a font
    • Changed “hotkeys” to “hotkeys & controllers”
  • plus:
    • Sega CD BIOS substitution works properly now on games like snatcher
    • Fixed speech on Coleco Wizard of Wor
    • Fixed random crashes in Wizard of Wor and majikazo
    • Fixed graphics issue on Juno First and Astrododge
    • Fixed sprites sticking around between games
    • Added warning: CD BIOS replacer only works if fix region is turned on
    • SMS BIOS now also works for cartridges
    • Game gear buffer changed to zero delay by default

Jailbreak Userguide:

Download Page:

Official Firmware:

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