[Opinion] The Historical Impact of a Profit-First (and Only) Video Game Industry

The video game industry has changed pretty significantly since I started playing some 30+ years ago, some for better and some for worse.  Many of us are privileged to engage in the celebration and preservation of video games as a legitimate part of our cultural heritage by collecting and playing those games in the present day.

It was undeniably a logical progression which brought us to the place in history where contemporary game consoles are almost universally connected to the Internet – some of us even have refrigerators that are part of the Internet of Things.  Internet connectivity has given us the ability to connect with friends, play in massive social or competitive contexts and share experiences otherwise not possible, but it has come with a heavy price.

In this article I try to cut through a lot of the subterfuge and distraction and really quantify just what current video game publisher behavior is costing us in terms of posterity and also make some suggestions about ways we might inform or alter their behavior to slow or reverse some of the damage.

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