Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere – A Complete Translation

Load Word Team has just released a complete translation of the original PlayStation game Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere into English, Spanish and Italian.  The team has been working on this project for over four years and based all three scripts off the original Japanese release.  Instructions on how to apply the patch, as well as tons more info and credits for the project can be found on the main page:

Download / Main Page:

While I’m always appreciative of all translation efforts, the team really went above and beyond with this one:  Not only are there multiple languages to choose from, but they translated everything – Cutscenes, search features and even the appendisc and manual!  There’s way too much to highlight in this post, so I just copied the main release notes…but seriously, check out the main page for all the details on their work!

v1.0 First release

  • A complete, from ground up English translation: Data Swallow user interface, FMVs, broadcasts & news reports, teletext, personal calls & messages, mission briefing & debriefing, radio communications, search engine, archive list, cutscenes and credits are fully translated.
  • Certain videos (news, broadcasts, cutscenes) with Japanese text burnt-in have been cleaned up and translated.
  • Translated, re-written, and expanded manual.
  • Translated AppenDisc.

We also fixed some bugs from the original release, improving the overall experience:

  • Bugfix: M27 and M29 play the correct respective soundtracks.
  • Bugfix: Search engine is modified to always display an image within an article if there’s at least one non-generic image available.
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