A Conversation with Yahel from Wresting With Gaming

I recently sat down with Yahel from Wrestling with Gaming to catch up on our latest videos, how our editing methods have evolved, YouTube drama and lots, lots more.  I wouldn’t call this an “interview” like we did last time, more of just a freeform, “podcast conversation”.  If you’re interested, slide your barstool over and come join us for drinks…

…but unfortunately, please realize this is a Skype interview that comes with all the usual delays and glitches.  Listening back, I cringed at all the “dead air”, or times we talked over each other due to the delay.  Sorry about that, but there’s not much else we could have done about it…and it was still a blast to record!

An audio-only version, is available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify and for direct-download:

Twitter: @WrestlesGaming

Please check out the XBAND documentary below and I posted a link to the original interview with Yahel if you’re interested.  I also posted my favorite trailer I’ve ever made that aired a few days before the original interview…seriously, it’s only about a minute, so any CDi fans should just check it out and giggle with me ;p)

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