3D Printed Stand for Arcooda 20″ LCD Panel

I recently reviewed the Arcooda 20″ LCD “arcade monitor” and while I really liked it, I wished there was an easy way to use it on a desktop;  The monitor was designed to mount in an arcade setup and doesn’t have a VESA bracket.  Luckily, Ludo has us covered and created a 3D printed slip-on stand pair that can allow you to easily switch between horizontal and vertical rotation!  The short video above walks you through what you’d need and check out the links with more info below…

3D Print Files:
Original Review:

This solution is great for a few reasons!  First, it’s free to use, which is always appreciated.  Next, it’s designed for people with home 3D printers.  While I absolutely love some of the fancy “pro-level” prints I’ve seen the community create, sometimes it’s nice to also have simpler alternatives for people with base-level printers.  And, of course, anything that makes rotating the screen easier is always a bonus!

If you’d like more info on the monitor itself, the written review linked above is a good overview.  You’re welcome to sit through the entire livestream and watch my testing in real time, but the summary is probably best for most people.

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