240p Test Suite 1.17 Now Available for Wii/GC

GBA Link Cable
I am happy to announce the long-awaited release of the 240p Test Suite version 1.17 for both the Wii and GameCube platforms. It has been too long since the last public release in 2016, and I  want to thank you for your patience and continued support. The reason for this extended development period has been my commitment to enhancing and perfecting the suite, constantly adding and refining features to make it even more comprehensive. In other words, not feeling happy with the feature set and my inability to push a release, plus real life taking its toll.
Collaborations and Highlights:
In this release, I am  proud to showcase some remarkable collaborations with talented individuals who have contributed to the suite’s growth and diversity. I encourage you to explore their work, connect with them and support their efforts via the provided links:
  1. Monoscope pattern with Wii PAR (NTSC/PAL & 480p) by Keith Raney Twitter: https://twitter.com/khmr33
  2. Donna by Jose Salot Artwork: https://linktr.ee/pepesalot
  3. MDFourier and GBA help by Extrems https://www.extremscorner.org/
  4. Pinobatch’s GBA 160p Test Suite Transfer via Link Cable https://www.patreon.com/posts/240p-test-suite-37838765
Description of improvements and features:
  • Monoscope Pattern: PAR (NTSC/PAL & 480p) by Keith Raney, so you can configyure your geometry thanks to his work.
  • Donna: Available in 240p and 480i/480p from José Salot in the Drop Shadow tests.
  • HCFR Patterns: This follows the work made on the FreeCalRec601 – DVDs for calibrating CRTs by Dan Mons and you should check that article to understand what this  could mean for you if you want to calibrate your CRT, HDTV or PC CRT  using these patterns, a colorimeter and the HCFR software.
  • MDFourier now included: which was used by Extrems for his impressive battery of tests.
  • 160p Test Suite GBA Transfer: You can now transfer pinobatch‘s the GBA Test Suite for Game Boy Advance using the Link Cable and your GC/Wii, without a flash cart and as a stand alone test.
  • Menu Structure: Organized the entire menu structure for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, matching other versions of the Suite.
  • Convergence Patterns: Added convergence patterns to help you fine-tune your display settings.
  • Audio Sync Test: Measure and optimize audio synchronization for streams and your personal setup, so that audio and video are in sync with this feature.
  • Memory Viewer: Explore the inner workings of your system with the Memory Viewer tool.
  • SMPTE and EBU Bars: These bars are now set at 100% by default for enhanced accuracy.
  • Option Saving on GameCube: Now, options can be loaded and saved on GameCube (using the SD Card if available).
  • Horizontal Stretch: Added horizontal stretch to 720H resolution to test drawable signal integrity, based on user requests.
  • Reordered Options Menu: The options menu has been reordered for better accessibility.
Bug Fixes:
  • Swapped Color Bars: Addressed the issue of swapped color bars (see: Issue #4).
  • Reversed VISetTrapFilter: Fixed the reversed __VISetTrapFilter, with special thanks to Extrems and Daniel Black.
  • Timing and Reflex Test: Corrected the test name to ensure accuracy.
Please note that I’ll still be working on creating a controller test and adding support for additional peripherals. Your feedback and suggestions continue to be invaluable in shaping the future of the 240p Test Suite.
Thank you once again for your unwavering support and dedication to the 240p Test Suite project. It helps me continue creating and updating me much more than you can imagine. I hope you enjoy this new release and the what the collaborations it brings to the table, this is a community driven open source effort and it wouldn’t be what it is without all of you. Feel free to share your thoughts and findings with the community.
Artemio – 240p Test Suite Development Team
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