XStation Firmware v1.4.4

Rama has just released a new firmware update for the XStation PlayStation 1 Optical Drive Emulator.  This update supports disk queues in folder-based browsing, as well as a brand new Memory Card Manager and numerous bugfixes.

Download the firmware here and see below for more info on the XStation, as well as the full list of changes:
XStation (US Seller):
XStation (US Seller + Installation):
XStation (UK Seller):

Memcard Pro (for PS1 & PS2):  /
MicroSD Cards:

Here’s the full list of changes since the previous update, v1.3.0:

  • revert SD card seek shortcuts as some games require all data (example: Dr. Slump)
  • tweaked small seek behaviour to still avoid some accesses
  • games like this and load faster (Music Maker, Excalibur, likely all games with lots of small seeks)
  • avoid data alignment issues when the SD card takes too long to seek
  • drive resets: fix Parappa (NTSC-J) stage end FMVs
  • accessing the CD lead-out area works properly now (Wing Commander 4, some homebrew disks)
  • fixed multiple concurrent commands order and delays (Destruction Derby 2)
  • fix FF8 PAL-E (Libcrypt)
  • TOC parsing: support any number of PREGAP tags (unofficial TR2 translation)
  • tweaked how queues are remembered across cold boots


  • folder based browsing supports disk queues now
  • Memory Card manager with Memcard Pro support: copy, delete or undelete files (shown in the picture above)
  • two known fastboot issues fixed (Crisis Beat and Elemental Gearbolt), leaving one title to be investigated yet (GT2 Revision 1)
  • when editing a disk queue: press Start to fastboot the queue
  • VRAM cleared on startup and fastboot, avoids visual glitches

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