Xbox Open Source Video Project

Modern Vintage Gamer just posted a review of the Xbox Open Source Video Project (XOSVP), a device designed to be a high-quality replacement for the official Xbox HD pack.  The device outputs component video and seems to even include a low-pass filter, which is something that will improve all analog outputs being plugged into a digital display.

Unfortunately, the device only outputs SPDIF digital audio and not analog audio.  Not a big deal for people with lots of inputs on their AVR, or owners of a SPDIF switch, but other people will need a digital-to-analog converter.  I prefer the one linked below that has 4 inputs (2 SPDIF & 2 coax), as well as three output options:  SPDIF passthrough, RCA L/R and 3.5mm headphone.

Keep in mind that you’ll need good quality component video cables, otherwise all the benefits of the XOSVP will be lost!  You can order yours here:

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