Weekly Roundup #364

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Timestamps / Article Links:

00:00  Stuff on eBay:

01:03  PCE to TG-16 Controller Adapter:

04:04  Homebrew N64 Gameshark:

06:17  SNES Zelda BIG Update:

13:07  S-Video JVC PVM Adapter:

15:09  EDFX 3D-Printed Case:

17:19  Retro Fighter NES Controller:

19:14  Time Sleuth “Paper Trick”:

22:01  Arcade Games on SG-1000:

24:07  Original color NES Shells:

30:38  Lu’s MiSTer News:

33:22  Testing Antonio’s JAMMA / MiSTer / RPi Adapters:

35:06  Confirmed:  The new run of Analog Mega Sg and Super NT are fine.


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