Weekly Roundup #331

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Timestamps / Article Links:

00:00  Welcome

00:31  Amiga Demoscene Odyssey Vinyl Soundtrack:

01:12  3D Printed Stand For Arcooda 20”:

02:40  Sam & Max Vinyl:

03:03  MemCard Pro GameCube:

05:31  Using JLCPCB to make brackets/cases/art/etc out of PCB’s (Sponsored post)

08:11  Analogue Pocket gets NT Mini Noir Cores:

09:47  Lu’s MiSTer Updates:

12:59  Sony BVM A-Series Homebrew Remote:

17:25  Unreleased/Found PCE Shmup:

21:39  Hayabusa Supergun Review:

26:21  Controller Lag Testing Via MiSTer –
Louis’ overview video:
Real-time (fu$*&ng long) livestream:

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