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VGA 16 by Behar Bros completed and released

Behar Bros just announced, through their official Facebook page, the completion of the VGA 16 project, a 480p outputting solution for Neo Geo MVS boards.

Following the reveal of their dual-ouput (VGA & RGBs) consolized MVS earlier this year, the Behar Bros have decided to release the FPGA-based line-doubling RGBHV VGA board, used with the assembled CMVS kit, as a standalone add-on for all MV-1 boards. (It is believed to work on most other board revisions as well but it hasn’t been tested)

The VGA 16 board also outputs YPbPr through the same D-sub 15 connector and both signals (RGBHV & YPbPr) are individually selectable through a dip switch setting. 

This framebuffer-free solution offers a fixed 640×480 resolution and should yield stellar results when connected to a VGA CRT monitor, with applied scanlines. It will also work on flat screen modern TVs/monitors (most of them will handle 480p signals just fine) through direct connection or using a cheap lag-free VGA-to-HDMI converter.

The kit comes with all the required wires for a clean installation and is priced at 95$ including shipping.

Behar Bros store/VGA 16 detailed info: https://www.beharbros.com/product-page/vga16-neogeo-mvs-scan-doubler

Finally we completed the VGA16 project.In addition to the VGA output, YPbPr output is also offered. It's selected with…

Posted by Beharbros on Monday, December 30, 2019