Toslink / SPDIF Converters Tested

I just did a stream with Artemio where we tested a few devices that convert between digital audio formats.  While the stream was cut short due to HDMI capture malfunctions, we were able to determine two devices that performed excellent and I wanted to share them here:

J-Tech Digital Audio Switch / Converter:
This device accepts two SPDIF and two TOSLINK inputs and outputs TOSLINK (optical) audio with zero change in the signal.  This is an excellent device for both digital audio switching and converting RCA digital to optical digital.
That said, it’s digital to analog conversion was bad – Do NOT use this device’s analog audio outputs, unless it’s just for monitoring or a temporary solution.  I actually used this device’s analog outputs for a few days as I was waiting for my real DAC to arrive and while it wasn’t the worst I’ve ever heard, it wasn’t good.

PROZOR 192K Bi-Directional Coaxial Optical Converter:
This device simply converts between RCA and optical audio connections.  It does it flawlessly with no change at all to the signal.  It’s now my go-to device for getting opitcal audio into my MAudio 192k card, as it only supports digital audio via an RCA connector.

If you’d like more information as to how these devices were tested, as well as proof to their performance, please check out the livestream below.  It’s not edited, so you’re seeing this testing in real-time.  It’s not the most exciting stream, but it both teaches you how to test using MDFourier, as well as gives you an idea of how time-consuming these tests really are:

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