Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2: One of the best remakes of all time?

John Linneman from Digital Foundry recently posted a video showcasing the Tony Hawk games and the latest remake of 1+2.  The video started out as an in-depth look at the original two Tony Hawk games and their releases on each console.  About halfway through, the video evolved into a review of the remakes and a comparison to the original versions.

I must say, this video completely reignited my interest in the Tony Hawk games.  I often use footage of these games in my videos, both because it’s a familiar game to look at, but also because they’re fun to pick up and play;  They were from an era when many games required “training modes” and others took hours to learn the controls, but anyone who’s ever used a game console can just turn these on and have the basics figured out within minutes.

The gameplay itself is something John discussed quite a bit in the video and it seems the remakes put great effort into retaining the same feel of the originals.  Overall, the game seems to be one of the best remakes of a classic ever made and if nothing else, it’s worth watching the video to see for yourself.  I’m now really looking forward to trying it out on a modern console!

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