Time Sleuth: Overview and Configuration

The Time Sleuth is a device that can test the latency of a display or HDMI device, down to the microsecond.  Since it’s release, it’s become one of the most important tools I use and I wanted to post a video showing people how it works, as well as how to update it with the latest firmware / resolution options.

Purchase Time Sleuth:
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While this video is essentially the same thing as the written guide I recently posted (, I felt having the choice might be a good idea.

Also, if you’d like a demonstration of how to use the Time Sleuth to test scalers and not just displays, check out the other video below:

Video available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute:

00:00  Intro
00:48  Overview
02:53  Programming
06:20  Conclusion
07:17 Ending (ignore this ;p)

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