Vanessa (Vanessaira)

The Story of Shantae and Modern Vintage Gamer

Beloved retro gaming community icon Modern Vintage Gamer (MVG) had made it recently known that he had worked on the re-release of Shantae for the Nintendo Switch.  For MVG’s weekly video, he decided to dedicate it to how he made and ported the game which was originally released for the Nintendo Game Boy Color (GBC).

MVG breaks down how he ended up working for Limited Run Games and with WayForward on approaching the project.  He also discussed his reasonings for using emulation as well as the tools he used to build his own emulator and the process that it entailed to port the game into that environment.

MVG continued discussing how he worked with WayForward to Q+A test the game.  Eventually culminating with and getting Matt Bozon’s (Shantae series creator) seal of approval for MVG’s work.  MVG included some neat extra’s to this version of the game and went into a little detail for potential buyers of the re-release.

This video is but a small sample showcase of the fantastic work that Modern Vintage Gamer does.  Please check this one out and support his work if you are able.



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