The SaturnSwitcher Allows You To Install The Fenrir ODE and Keep The CD Drive

Will of Will’s Console Modifications recently released his SaturnSwitch mod kit which allows you to install the Fenrir ODE (Optical Drive Emulator) into the Sega Saturn while also retaining the original optical drive so that you can continue to play your physical disc based Saturn game collection.

It must be noted that this mod is ONLY compatible with 20 pin model Sega Saturns.  At the moment this mod will NOT work with the 21 pin models.  To find out what model you have, you can use the handy tool on the Castelmania Fenrir product page linked here.  All you need to do is type in your Sega Saturns serial number and it will tell you what model you have.

Additionally, Will has hinted that he may be working on a 21 pin SaturnSwitcher kit which would make this mod compatible with all Saturn models.

The SaturnSwitcher is now one of two ways to have an ODE installed in your Sega Saturn while also keeping the original disc drive.  The other option is the Satiator which utilizes the expansion bay which Bob has review here.

To learn more about this kit and to stay up to date on news regarding the SaturnSwitcher be sure to follow Will on Twitter and to watch my video (linked above) which details all the kits features as well as how to install it in your very own Sega Saturn.

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