Vanessa (Vanessaira)

The History of the Nintendo 64 by HistoricNerd

YouTuber HistoricNerd (Ian) has just released his much anticipated video chronicling the development and launch history of the Nintendo 64.  Ian’s newest video is a great showcase of his 3D video rendering skills along with the classic HistoricNerd we all know and love.  His video leaned heavily on the sourced articles and video clips references from the History of How We Play site.  In addition to Ian’s efforts, Shadowmask leant his amazing music talent to really give the video some flare.  As well as retro community members, Yahel, St1ka, and RetroRGB’s Bob add their charm to the video. 

Definitely check this one out and links will be down below.


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TheHistoryofHowWePlay’s Article  |