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The Genesis Port of Mega Man X has Three Demos for Download

The developer known as TiagoSC released three demo ROMS of his W-I-P Mega Man X port for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive.  Each ROM file allows for players to try a different part of the game such as the Chill Penguin level or the intro stage.

I tested the game on my Model 1 Genesis via an Everdrive MD and the ROM files loaded relatively quickly and without issues.  The represented stages are fairly true to the originals with a nice use of colors and they appear to have all of the enemy animations.  The music has been ported over and sounds great to me although there will obviously be some differences due to the different sound hardware in comparison to the SNES.

There is some enemy Ai and their hit boxes/collision detection does work. At such an early state, the feel of the game will differ from the original as should be expected. For example, enemies seem to move faster and take more hits. The timing for death animations also seems to be off.

X also has some of his moves depending on which ROM file you load up. In my experience with the game, I was able to dash and use the X buster.

Overall, it was a pretty cool experience, and I look forward to seeing more progress made from this.


Download link: Mega Man X Genesis

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