TapTo Mobile NFC MiSTer App

Developer Wizzo just released an app for both iOS and Android devices that allows you to utilize their NFC functions for TapTo.  The app itself is free and comes with the functionality to read and write NFC cards, as well as show status.  A $3.99 in-app purchase also allows you to use your iOS/Android device to launch games over your network, the same as if it were a USB NFC reader connected to your MiSTer.  I think this is a great way to try out NFC without purchasing a complete reader kit, but even people who already use a USB NFC reader should download it as well for the free functionality!  Lots more info and a video demo below:

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I think if nothing else, the app is the perfect tool for reading cards and checking their paths.  Simply load the app, hit “Press to scan”, then tap your NFC card.  It’ll show your UID, as well as the exact ROM path programmed to it.

Writing cards is just as easy!  First go to settings to enter either the IP address or hostname of your MiSTer;  You can set the hostname to whatever you’d like via Wizzo’s awesome ‘Remote’ app.  Then after it connects hit “Update Games Database”.  This might take a moment if you have a ton of games, or if you’re connected to a RetroNAS.  As a note, it’s different than the database in the Remote app, so you’ll need to run it again…but this is stored on the MiSTer, not your iOS/Android device, so you’ll only need to run it once.

After that’s done, tap “create” on the bottom of the app, then “Search For Game”.  I found selecting your console, then searching for the game worked best.  Now hit “Write To Tag” and just hold your NFC card near the device.  That’s it!

If you’re just looking to read and write NFC cards, you’re all set.  But here’s where the in-app purchase comes in:  If you set the toggle to “Launch on scan”, it’ll prompt you to pay.  If you decide to purchase, you can use your phone to launch games on your MiSTer, the same way you would with an NFC reader.  As a note, current Patreon subscribers can reach out and get this functionality free.

I’m not sure everyone would want to launch games this way, however I think the point I made at the top of this post stands:  If you’re just looking to try out NFC, get 10 cards from the Amazon link for about $6 and this for about $4 – For around $10, you can give this a try and see if it’s for you.

One very cool “bonus feature” I found when using this:  If you have this app and a USB NFC reader, the app will update any time you tap a new card on the USB reader – A small, but handy feature for always knowing the exact path the NFC is launching, right from your phone!  This works with the free version, which is another reason why I suggest anyone who wants to mess with MiSTer NFC download it!

If you want to see it in action, check out Wizzo’s video here:

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