Livestream & Meetup at Brooklyn Video Games

Brooklyn Video Games will be hosting a small meetup event this Wednesday (March 6th) from around 5PM-8PM.  I’ll be there playing four NG:Dev.Team games (two at a time) on their MVS cabinets and everything will be streamed live on both of BKVG’s accounts.  The game’s we’ll be playing (graciously being brought down by Kevin) are: […]


NeoSaveMasta 2019 – Neo Geo AES/MVS Memory Card: Sells-Out Fast!

Brian Hargrove (AKA turfmasta) has offered an incredible line of products at for years, including a replacement of the rare/expensive Neo Geo AES/MVS memory card, called the NeoSaveMasta. NSM has been through several revisions, each with a unique color, artwork, and an evolving list of features. The latest model sold out in minutes, but […]


Furrtek’s Neo Geo FPGA Core

Furrtek has just posted a Neo Geo FPGA progress update on his Patreon page: The post is subscriber-only, so I don’t want to share the whole story…but it looks like Furrtek has games running!!!  At the moment, it’s video only, but he thinks he’ll be able to integrate Jotego’s YM core pretty easily. Please consider supporting […]