Darksoft MultiAES Firmware Update

Darksoft has just released both a menu and firmware update for his MultiAES Neo Geo ROM cart.  The posted changes are as follows:

* Added support for monitor test tool. The tool must be placed in the folder “montest
* Loading DDR of games and menu only when we exit menu, so we avoid loading a game into a SLOT that we may later change.
* No more DEAD REDLOCK Screen.
* Garbage when loading a new firmware or menu in AES fixed.
* BUFF File is automatically deleted after every menu update.
* Only 4 tunes haven been always available, although the menu showed more. This is now fixed and only those can be selected.

If this is based on the same beta firmware I’d previously tested, you’ll also get a few seconds faster loading times, due to the way the menu access works.  Also, you no longer need to “hack” the monitor test tool into the cart, you can just load it in it’s own folder…a giant help for people who want complete romsets and the ability to load software that helps them calibrate their displays!

I’m still a bit confused as to the differences between the AES and MVS multi firmware.  In my testing, they both performed well, but do these AES upgrades mean an MVS firmware update is coming soon as well?  I’ve reached out to Darksoft to confirm and will update if there’s any info.

For a detailed overview of which Neo Geo ROM cart is right for you, check out the video below.  More info and a link to Darksoft’s updated firmware can be found here (free membership required):

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