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Project Neon “Caravan DEMO” Released to the General Public (Neo-Geo Homebrew)

Project Neon, a recently announced Neo-Geo shmup released a public “Caravan Demo” that is playable on real hardware, MAME, and the MiSTer.   The proposed game, which we covered recently on this blog, is set to be a co-op a bullet hell shmup with selectable levels when completed.

Developer release notes are as follows:

Project Neon – “The Caravan Demo”

Please remember that this is a very early pre-alpha/tech-demo and by no means represents a final state when it comes to everything from…

  • Graphics (sprites and backgrounds)
  • Sounds
  • Music
  • Mechanics
  • Balancing
  • Scoring / combos
  • Level Layout
  • Swarm patterns
  • General quality, open bugs and all the other things…

We’re happy to share this very early first milestone and are looking forward to your feedback and hi-score/gameplay submissions!

What makes this great (at least for me) is that the often ignored Neo-Geo CD is also included as part of this demo release.  Considering that the kickstarter didn’t even have a Neo-Geo CD option, this is a promising development.

I promptly burned the provided disc image and played it on original Neo-Geo CD hardware. The results which can be seen in the video linked above.  The game is definitely very early in its development, with the graphics looking fairly basic for a Neo-Geo game. At least it ran smoothly, which is of course, a good thing.

In response to comments regarding how the game looks: Well, maybe don’t just take our word for it when we say that we’re still continuously improving pretty much every aspect of the game stated FULLSET (Project Neon’s developer) in a twitter post showing off what appeared to be a version of the game with much improved graphics.

Project Neon is scheduled for release sometime in December of 2020, and Pre-orders are available on their website linked here: Project Neon
Before placing any pre-orders, ALWAYS make sure to do your own research and take account of how long the refund window for your payment provider is in relation to a products release date.

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