Krikzz Joyzz vs 8bitdo M30 2.4g vs 8bitdo M30 Bluetooth Input Latency “Lag” testing

I recently spotted a post by a member of SmokeMonster’s Discord by the name of Enforcer that had been doing some input latency (lag) testing on the Krikzz Joyzz 6 button Sega Genesis/Megadrive gamepad. He had just finished testing the 8bitdo M30 2.4g controller when he made a comment that he didn’t have the M30 […]


Krikzz Joyzz 33% Off Sale

Krikzz has just launched a sale on his Joyzz controllers when purchased directly from!  I’ve personally tested this controller and have been enjoying it’s wireless convenience!  At about $44, it’s certainly worth considering:   During next week we offer 33% discount on #Joyzz wireless controller at — Igor Golubovskiy (@krikzz) January 6, […]