GDEMU & Rhea Pre-Orders opening 12/8/18 and 12/15/18

Although the difficulty of actually buying either a GDEMU or a Rhea has often neared the bar set by Limited Run Games, that is to say harder than beating Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts with one hand, there will be another chance coming up! For those unfamiliar, the GDEMU and Rhea are Optical Drive Emulators for the […]


Dreamcast Tips & Tricks

I just posted a video that showcases my favorite Dreamcast mods.  Please note that I didn’t cover every mod available, just the ones I felt would be relevant to your average retro gamer.  The video is below and here are links to everything discussed: VGA+SCART Cable from thefoo.83: Gaming Cables: Best way to play Dreamcast on […]


Interview with Greg Collins

Here’s an interview with Greg Collins, creator of some amazing open-source 3D print designs for the retro-gaming scene.  We talk about some of his favorite creations, how he approaches each project, suggestions for software & printers and plenty of other 3D-printed, retro-gaming awesomeness!  We even show his controller mod for the RetroUSB AVS Controller on-camera […]