Symphony of the Night & Rondo Of Blood Releasing on PS4 Next Month

Sony just announced that both Castlevania SotN and RoB will be bundled together and released via digital download on October 26th.  They’ll be emulated using the PS4’s PS1 emulator and will offer scaling up to 4K with “smoothing” support.  Pre-orders will offer a $3 discount at $17, instead of $20.

Added features include multiple high resolution backgrounds and updated controller support that ads vibration and use of the speaker to hear a chime when you pick an item up.  In my opinion, these are exactly the type of things classic game fans want added to newer ports; Nothing that changes the original experience, just ads to it.  Presumably these features can be turned off as well.

Let’s just hope this 4K version is sharper than the PS3’s port of the same game.  My testing showed original hardware through the OSSC looked much better than either discs on a PS3, or the PSN download!

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