Swivel Stand for LCD CRT

Greg from Laser Bear has just released a swivel stand for his LCD CRT kit.  I was really happy with my LCD CRT as-is and didn’t think I needed a stand…until I tried it out!  Being able to angle the display is a huge help for getting a proper viewing angle and it stays pretty snugly in place once it’s positioned.  That said, it’s still easy to pop it out of the stand for vertical orientation.  The price is $25 plus shipping and it’s something anyone with a Laser Bear LCD CRT should at least consider:

Swivel Stand:
LCD CRT Complete Kit:

More pictures of the stand are below (click for full-sized) and both of the videos I released about the display are below that.  While this isn’t a true replacement for a CRT, it’s a really cool alternative that’s light, versatile…and far less money than picking up a PVM or BVM.  Check it all out for more info:

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