Sony using Open-Source PCSX Emulator in PlayStation Classic Mini

Sony is using the open-source software based emulator PCSX in their upcoming PlayStation Classic Mini console. This is a major disappointment to those of use who wanted to see at least the PS2/PSP/PS3/Vita/PSTV lineage emulator used–but it is not unexpected. This makes the Classic a very weak emulator, even compared to an old phone running PCSX . Almost any modern PC or laptop will offer a better emulation environment for PlayStation 1, especially when using PCSX core in RetroArch with runahead mode setup. Another benefit of using a phone or PC for PCSX, instead of the Classic, is that you have the freedom to use real Sony controllers via USB converters.

The bar for mini consoles has been lowered once again, and is looking more and more like the cash-grab that we feared it would turn out to be. Until companies pay respect to original hardware specifications, we will never have accurate home ports of classic games. Ironically, the only companies producing respectful devices are third parties like Analogue.