SNES2Neo Controller Adapter Back In Stock

A second round of pre-orders are open for Todd’s Super Nintendo to Neo Geo controller adapter.  The price is the same $40 plus shipping as last time…and last time they sold out almost immediately, so if you’re interested, you might want to jump on it right away!  More info is available in the (short) launch video above, as well as below the links:

Pre-Order Here:

This adapter should be compatible with anything that uses the Neo Geo’s controller pinout.  That includes original AES/MVS hardware, the Neo Geo CD and any supergun with the same pinout.  All 6 buttons are wired, so if you use it with a supergun the shoulder buttons should act as buttons 5 & 6;  Please remember, superguns can be weird and yours might not be wired the same.  Totally safe to try though and buttons 1-4, start and select (coin) should work on all.

On the input side, these should be compatible with all SNES controllers, including wireless 8BitDo controllers.  I can’t think of a SNES controller that wouldn’t work…although you’re on your own with SNES mouse support 🙂  Overall, these seem like the perfect adapter for people to want to use SNES controllers on their Neo Geo’s or superguns!

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